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Topa Topa Run

Took Eric, JTo and Chris up Sisar and White Ledge trail to Topa Topa. Started relatively cool and heated up fast. We topped out in about 2 hours 10 minutes. Hung out at the top for a bit then did … Continue reading

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Warming up

Today it was obvious to me that yesterday was a hard training day. Not that it was a really hard run, but it was hard relative to my fitness and recovery level. As usual I had aching muscles in the … Continue reading

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Ramping up the miles

I started the day with a run with the thought in mind that this is my first serious training run focused on the Hardrock 100.  I have been keeping fit since I got back from Libya but it has been … Continue reading

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Upgrade to FIOS

Got FIOS today. This is supposed to be super high speed internet access via FIBER from Verizon.  I ran a speed test before (Time Warner) and after.  This is what I get with FIOS: Before with Time Warner I was … Continue reading

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Blogging…Got to start somewhere..

Finally breaking down and starting a blog.  Just got back from Boston on a LONG flight..  The toddler on the plane behind us and his parents have no concept of personal space.  I hate this kind of attitude.  Another couple … Continue reading

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