Ramping up the miles

I started the day with a run with the thought in mind that this is my first serious training run focused on the Hardrock 100.  I have been keeping fit since I got back from Libya but it has been relatively unstrucutured and I dabbled in a few different adventures.  This include a really cool fastpack in the San Rafael and Dick Smith Wildeness.  Check out the pictures here.  Also trained up on the road bike whimg00094ich peaked with a 200 mile bike ride called Tour of Two Forests.

So today I took off on a run down Sycamore Canyon in Pt Mugu State Park.  The goal was to run down to LaJolla Canyon and back.  I had 3 hours to complete the run in order to get back in time for a shower and lunch appointment.  Trying out some new running shoes..  make, model and reivew is forthcoming so I will keep you i suspense… I started with a good 7:15-7:30 pace down the big hill (we call it the Black Bitch), and continued at this pace until Wood Canyon Vista Trail.  Half way to the junction I saw a Red Fox.    The trail kicks up with a good 1000 feet of gain.  Ran every step of this climb, sweating enough to triple the weight of my shirt.  At the top, check the watch, did the math and decided it was best to take the most direct route to LaJolla Canyon as opposed to my favorite trail, Ray Miller.

I hit LaJolla Canyon at 1 hour 27 minutes.  A quick turnaround and then back on the trail the way I came except I ran down Hell HIll instead of Wood Canyon Vista.  Heard a helicaopter landing.  What’s that all about?  Turned out to be a LAPD training mission.

Up the BB and back to my starting point at 3:02.

Overall a great training run.

Running: Satwiwa to LaJolla Canyon 18 miles

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