Warming up

Today it was obvious to me that yesterday was a hard training day. Not that it was a really hard run, but it was hard relative to my fitness and recovery level. As usual I had aching muscles in the morning. After a whirlwind of cleaning the house for a visitor I was out the door by 7:45. The WARM UP begins. I jogged slowly down the street and then walked up the first hill. A slow start but I have to listen to my body. I spotted a Tarantula Hawk on the trail.img00095

By 8:15 I met Jonathan and off the run in the park.
We picked a good uphill to the Old Boney Trail. Jonathan just missed stepping on a lizard… thankfully the lizard was faster. We slowed the pace up the steep section and Jonathan’s foot found a slow lizard. The lizard in now food for some other animal. The temperatures climbed steadily and it was definitely WARMING UP. A serious sweat-fest until the nice sweeping down hill pulled us back down to Sycamore Canyon. Next the Black Bitch. This is a .75 mile and 800 feet of elevation gain piece of pavement that presents a time time challenge whether you are on a bike or running. Actually chasing bike up this hill is one of my favorite pastimes.
We summitted the top in 7:35… Nice red-lining the heart rate.
I was fully WARMED UP after this climb and cooled down on the remainder of the run back to my house. A fine training run building on yesterday’s run

Running: DV ridge, Old Boney to Fossil Trail: 10 miles, 2:15:00 (7:35 BB)

Wildlife Sighting: Tarantula Hawk

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