Bad Drivers and Tar Pits

Took a recovery ride this morning and came back through Hidden Valley. Had a car pass a truck and come at me head on. I had to pull off the side of the road into the dirt. I cussed him out. I figure he did not see me and when he did it was too late. This was a bit unnerving and just part of the deal sharing the roads with cars. I wonder if the driver has the same perspective. Probably not.

Went to the LaBrea Tar Pits with my daughter Rachel. We had a nice time down there whil Jeanne and her friend took in the LA County Museum of Art. A nice day expect for the traffic in the city. I am sure glad I am not commuting down there. Such a waste of time. I hope I can score a job that does not require this kind of torture.

Road Biking: Lynn/Potrero Loop – 20 miles

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