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Libyan Challenge Part 1

This was a race I participated in in 2009.. It will be 10 years in February since I completed this event. This was a fulfilling adventure I will never forget.. 125 miles point to point with no course markings but … Continue reading

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Tex – welcome to the farm


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Journey to Bigfoot

Well here we go. Heading to the airport for mY 200 mile adventure. Super stressful yesterday at work and after 13 hours called it a day. Hope that changes soon so I can get my life back.     Mike … Continue reading

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Sisquoc Loop 2014

Decide to dedicate a page to this adventure I ran last week..  Find it here: Running the Sisquoc

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Morning run

Morning run

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Sisquoc River to Hurricane Deck loop

Two day fast pack with lots of river crossings and serious bushwacking…Check out the Pics here from Jonathan’s GPS enabled camera. A fine trip covering 52 miles in 2 days… our own little Racing the Planet.

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Biking, Trail Running and Snake Hurdling 3 day weekend

Started the weekend trying to get out of work early.. Put my boss on notice early in the week I would leave at 2. After a dysfunctional meeting with senior management, where memory is not one of their stronger talents … Continue reading

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Corporate kludges

Thought I would use this blog to record some choice moments in the corporate environment. Why do certain people refuse to adapt to reorgs? They move to a new line relationship but still take direction from their old chain.

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Boney Mountain Run. Wet

I met Jimmy Dean Freeman and his SoCal Coyotes for a run on the Xterra Boney Mountain course. Just got there in time for the rain to start, the wind to blow and the long pre-run briefing. This is my … Continue reading

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Great Way to Start the New Year

Chris Scott organized a little New Years Day Run in Ojai.  50K’ish for those who wanted to go long and about 20 miles for the others with options for out an back runs for those with a limited schedule. Starting … Continue reading

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