Boney Mountain Run. Wet

I met Jimmy Dean Freeman and his SoCal Coyotes for a run on the Xterra Boney Mountain course. Just got there in time for the rain to start, the wind to blow and the long pre-run briefing. This is my home turf and I just wanted to start running and not hear the route description. I got moving around 9:30 with about 30 new friends and began at the back chatting with Kate about her sweeping duties and her cold hands. I could only help by giving her an extra pair of hole-ee BD gloves she could put over her thin gloves.

I managed to work my way through the pack and met up with some runners moving at my pace and just hung out. The rain was dripping over my neoprene OR sombrero and seeping into the hood of my rain jacket. Time to batten down the hatch and stay warm. My quads were sore from yesterday but they were numb at this point from the cold driving rain. Just needed to keep moving, talking and running faster. My calf was talking to me but not enough to keep me from pushing the pace a bit. A good feeling as I didn’t know how long it would take to get back to running. Still some more rehab to go but I do see an end in sight. Ran into Pine Tar, a local hiker that has blazed trails everywhere in the Santa Monica Mountains and the Los Padres forest, as I ran down Old Boney trail. He was wearing a frog suit as he beamed to tell me about it’s fine qualities that kept him warm and dry. I actually have a suit just like it but the lack of fashion and better options keep it in my truck as a backup. I finished in a little less that 2.5 hours and was glad to finally get in a warm shower to rid the chill. This is my last “play day” before heading back to work on Monday and glad I made the most of the last week despite healing injuries.

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2 Responses to Boney Mountain Run. Wet

  1. Bruce says:

    dude – good to see you back on the blog track, my Reader slot for you has been empty for ages 🙂
    Hope you had a good Xmas break, sounds like you crammed in as much as you could. I’m starting the ramp-up for C2M, so see you there.

  2. Howard says:

    Been a while but had some time over the holidays to get back in the game. C2M is the highlight for the year for me so looking to make it memorable. be great completing the full course with you and Sue. Brings back memories of the initial scrub run.

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