Great Way to Start the New Year

Chris Scott organized a little New Years Day Run in Ojai.  50K’ish for those who wanted to go long and about 20 miles for the others with options for out an back runs for those with a limited schedule. Starting at Cozy Dell off Hwy 33 we got the obligatory group picture and began the cold climb up the muddy trail.

The Coyotes before the NYD Run

New Years Day Run 2011

Not as muddy as I have run it before but a bit slip-sliding-away if you were not paying attention.
We took the Foothill Trail to Gridley where I dropped down for the water fill up while the others took off up the hill.  After 17 minutes of down and back up to where I left the pack I began the chase..

Bottom of Gridley Trail

The Chase Begins

More of a mental game for me and was moving slow due to a lingering calf injury.  Caught the pack just above the zig-zags mid climb and hung with the pack until I decided to test some metal..mine and theirs….. and mess with my fellow Coyotes..

On to the Nordhoff Peak Fire Tower for some killer views.  Found a short cut up the road to the tower and still waiting for the RD to rule if this is either worth bonus or boner minutes during C2M.

The hypoxia got the best of my fellow runners here: Hypoxia or just messing with your head?

Down to the Pratt Trail for another nirvana trail experience.   This trail is second to Ray Miller Trail for the sheer please of enhancing gravity for the trip down snaking trail.  Ran into Heidi, US Forest Service Trail Supervisor, with a crew working the trails.  Nice work by the crew that will keep this trail descent sweeter than Southern Georgia Tea.
We met Nancy and her friends from Santa Barbara on the way down and finally arrived at the Cozy Dell Mud Fest before the last descent through the rocks to start the tailgate party..  We counted out miles and debated for a while…

How far did you run Sue?

The last runners dribbled in all smiles.

This is what you look like after running Pratt Trail for the first time

Overall a great way to start out the New Year.  Happy Trails.

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