Biking Continuum

I started the day with a friend of mine who has always wanted to ride a bike but never had the chance to learn. Now she has a goal to ride a bike with her friends at the beach. She is in her early 50s and asked me to help her achieve this goal. No training wheels on my old mountain bike but it served its purpose. I lowered the seat and held it as we did repeats, back and forth in the parking lot.

She actually was able to ride on her own for over 40 feet. I was so proud. Then she tried this again and was on a solo run when she fell over. Took a nice hunk of skin out of her knee. We bandaged it up and she started to feel light-headed.  I think it was due to low blood sugar.  As she relaxed in the trunk of her car I gave her one of my Hammer bars and that snack cleared up the problem. She said she wanted to continue practicing so we spent another 30 minutes doing laps in the parking lot. She has improved significantly from when we first started. She emailed me she from her doctor’s off that she was happy with her progress and is still focused on her goal.

At the other end of the spectrum was today’s “time trial”. I have been wanting to time myself on the Rock Store climb on Mulholland Highway. I got the “official start and end” locations from Robb and warmed up with 8 miles of rolling hills. As I moved past “the pull box at the mobile home park entrance” I started my watches. I focused on a steady

Catching my breathe at the top of the Rock Store Climb

pedal stroke with little time out of the saddle. Traffic was light except for some a-hole in a tiny car that was screeching around every turn. I had to concentrate to not lose focus as he passed me. My stomach started to hurt about 10 minutes into the climb. I guess that pint of Super Food Protein Smoothy was too much for my stomach at this level of exertion. I got out of the saddle in the last 100 yards. 30 feet from the top a 4 foot Two Striped Racer Snake was on the side of the road. Its head raised up 6 inches above the pavement. These are very fast snakes but he was in an odd place with a large embankment to climb up to escape. Normally I would have stopped and moved him off the road, potentially saving his life, but today I just had to keep going to get my finish time. I passed the green dumpsters at 15 minutes 14 seconds. My stomach was really talking to me now so I stopped hoping that nausea would not set in. I snapped a picture, caught my breathe, and twittered my finish time. This will be a tough benchmark for me to improve on. I look forward to the next chance to climb the Rock Store.

Road Biking: Rock Store Climb – 30 miles

Wildlife Sighting: Striped Racer, Pair of Coopers Hawks

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