Upgrade to FIOS

Got FIOS today. This is supposed to be super high speed internet access via FIBER from Verizon.  I ran a speed test before (Time Warner) and after.  This is what I get with FIOS:

Before with Time Warner I was at 9330 download and 819 upload.. This is a significant improvement.  Loving it.. and it’s cheaper.

As part of my ramping up of mileage I started a run today at about 5PM.  Did what I call the Old Boney Loop.. I warmed up slowly thinking it was going to be a painful run.  Very stiff in the shoulders, sore hips and a slow turnover.  This run includes 3 miles of pavement all down hill.  This is a good warm up.  Then left at Blue Canyon at Danielson Ranch you head uphill for a few miles

Old Boney Loop

to a final long downhill.  After 30 minutes of running I felt better.  I ran all the uphills and hammered the downhills. The downhill running was awkward at first but then I got into a good rhythm.  It has been a while since I got that kind of speed and it felt good.  Finished in 1:47 drenching in sweat.

Running: Old Boney Loop – 10.75 miles

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