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Finally breaking down and starting a blog.  Just got back from Boston on a LONG flight..  The toddler on the plane behind us and his parents have no concept of personal space.  I hate this kind of attitude.  Another couple 2 rows up did the same and then the two babies started to communicate with one another.  When that started it was time to TURN UP THE MUSIC..

After an In and Out Burger as close as possible to the airport (on Sepulveda within a mile of LAX) we headed home.  Our dog Anouk was so glad to see us.  Hung out for a while and got this wordpress to work on my server and aftere I posted this for the first time it was time for a run.

Boney Mountain from the trail in the late afternoon

Boney Mountain from the trail in the late afternoon

I drove up to Wendy drive and decided to run up to the cabin site.  I ran into Brad Youngblood.  He is heading to Namibia next week for a 6 day race put on by Racing the Planet.  He feels like he has trained well and looking forward to this adventure.

I wished Brad well on his journey and then ran/walked to the cabin.  The week of moving furniture and the prior weekend’s double century road bike ride has taken its toll on my running.  I feel tight, and my form feels off.  Some funny pains in my abductor muscles and my shoulders.  I will have to get more focused on running this week and ramp up on my miles.

Run: Wendy TH to Boney Mountain Saddle – 8 Miles. Some trail maintenance as well.

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