Hemothorax – WTF

About 13 days ago while mountain biking in Mammoth I took a digger and landed on my shoulder. Kept riding for the rest of the day and was sore and tired. Saw the doc 3 days later and found out I had a Type 1 separated shoulder and a bruised rib….. OK….I can handle that, just take it easy for a few days…. So I did…

A couple of days later I did an easy trail run, then a rest day and then a 60 and 20 mile road bike ride. Chest pain started during the road biking. Took a two more rest days and then did a little night riding to check equipment and crew for the upcoming Furnace Creek 508 . I completed the ride but was in pain.

Went to a pulmonary specialist Friday and found out I have hemothorax. WTF!! That is blood between the lung and wall of the plural cavity… Not enough blood to require draining it through surgery but enough to keep me from taking deep breaths and keeping me up at night.

I am thankful I now know what’s wrong but the rehab is slow. I am seriously bummed and will be trying to figure out if I can take on my scheduled adventures in the next month.

Guess I’m not 18 anymore…

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