Extra 30 minutes of Beauty Sleep

I negotiated with George today to get another 30 minutes of sleep.  We started our ride at 6AM and booked it down to PCH and started climbing Yerba Buena.    Riders up ahead so we slowly reeled them in.  These 3 riders came up Westlake Blvd, down Mulholland.  George rode with the rabbit, I stayed at the back and sucked wind while the other guys chatted and huffed a bit too.  Found out one guy did the 508 last year in th 31 hours.  Impressive even if he was 30 something.  We stayed together through until we hit Potrero where George and I peeled off..

Overall a good training ride where I tagged my Lactate Threshold a number of times on the flats and in the hills.  Stats to follow.

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