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I started my run late this morning because I had some business to tend to and because I wanted to start my run at LaJolla Canyon on Pacific Coast Highway.   I saw a new sign installed next to my normal parking spot at the entrance to the park.  I was amazed at the verbiage on the sign and the source of this banter.

img00104Now does this mean the Sheriff has just given up trying to apprend the theives or is the Sheriff in on this raquet?  Not sure which is true but I was concerned that I better take my important stuff or just hide it in some obscure corner of my car.

I started up the Ray Miller trail with the thought of doing repeats on it.  I needed to get some hill work and I needed to fine tune my down hill running with a mid-foot plant to keep my heel blisher from getting worse.  Running fast down hills without a heel plant will take some time to get used to but it is a technique that has great promise.  It will ultimately be easier on the knees and hips since I will be absorbing more energy with my feet and has the potnetial to make me more agile over technical terrain.

I look back to my car after the first switchback to make sure nobody has stolen my wallet and scoped out 3 people and a dog parking in front of me.  Are they runners? hikers?  I continue up the trail at an easy pace and keep looking back to see if anyone is coming up the trail.  I arrive at the Overlook trail after 30 minutes of runner. Take a two minute rest and then head back the way I came.  I meet some runners coming up and find its my friend Scott and his buddy Ian and his girlfriend Maria.   They were doing a big loop and that sounded so much better than repeats on Ray Miller so I joined them for the next 2 hours running up to Mugu Peak and back to the car.  Scott and Ian are incredible runners with more experience between them than dozens of my training partners.   They are cool people and we had fun running and chatting on the trail.  Good for me they had a hard day yesterday and were taking it easy today.

The Ultrarunning community is full of down to earth people that don’t take themselves too seriously and provide encouragement to others despite their running abiltiy.  This community is about sharing experiences with the goal to make each of us better runners. Yes we are competitive but all within the boundries of good sportmanship and a caring for our fellow runners.  I am glad to be a contributing member to this community and welcome others to join us.

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