Chicken, Waffles and Startrek


Spent the morning at the Chinese Consulate turning in my application for a visa. After a 90 minute wait and 2 minutes at the window Rachel and I went to lunch.
Roscoe’s is an iconic diner serving up fried chicken, corn bread and 2 big waffles. It was tough eating all the meal but I did it as my belt was loosened a couple of inches. Rachel however could not meet the challenge and left some on the table.
On the way home we stopped to see the latest epic Startrek movie. It is customary for me to nod off at the movies after a big meal. Rachel was so sure I would be pushing zzzzs that she bet me $20 that I could not stay awake. I qualified that bet by saying as long as I can stay awake during the feature I would win. Hoping I would get a quick snooze int he previews I agreed on the bet. Well, I was on the edge of my seat for a few of the previews so no sleep there.
The Startrek flick was action packed and engaging. I highly recommend it to any loyal trekkie fan or anyone who likes action flicks.

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