Injured and can’t go out and play :(

Here a list of things I do when I can’t run:

Break into my stack of books I have been wanting to read…… Reading Longitude right now. This is the story of how one man solved the problem of accurately defining how to calculate longitude in the 1700s.

Organized my home office and filed my bills…. Lots of paper that defines what was bought and sold. I should just have my investment company send me electronic versions.

Update my website and blog…. This was long overdue and I finally converted to WordPress for my Also restarted my Blog and worked out how to publish directly to my blog from my iPhone.

Read Wikileaks….so much to read. Eye opening that our government has such abysmal security controls. Train the dog… This is fun and will benefit Blaze in many ways. Got him to sit and stay but “speak” will require some more work.

Eat a big breakfast… Love this.. Usually on a Bluebird day like today I would be out on the cold trail trying to warm up. Instead this morning made an omlette and bagel while warming up to a cup of coffee.

Focus on my “take for granted” relationships… I should not wait for injuries to focus on this as relationships need constant attention and are the most important. I find these moments a wake up call and I learn more about myself on the important people in my life.

Go for a bike ride …if those parts are working ….this is a double edged sword. Yes it helps my cardio but could also delay the healing process if I push too hard or underestimate or miscalculate what is really injured. Getting out doing something physical has mental benefits and allows me to cope with my own issue of feeling left out from running with friends or exploring on my own.

Ok. Got To Go. Think I will go for a bike ride. 🙂

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  1. Joseph Keays says:

    Hey Howard

    I just wanted to introduce myself. I live in TO and within the past few years, I have come to love my longer more adventurous mountain bike rides. This Saturday, buddies of mine are returning to the Ojai area to tackle the trails. I’m a garminconnect user as well (joekeays) so I kept tumbling across (gravityh) as I was searching “rose” “lion” “howard” as keywords. We are starting up Gridley, down Howard Creek, to Rose Valley Campground, over Rose-Lion Connector, up Lions Canyon, down Horn Canyon, pavement back to the cars. 35ish miles and close to 8,000ft of climbing.
    So I noticed you had quite a number of training rides/runs in the Conejo Valley so I had to probe a step further and I found your blog.

    A great friend and co-worker of mine, Steve, just started trail running with his longest race a 50km near Santa Barabara months ago. I’m sure he would love to run with you someday since he lives in TO as well.

    Chances are we have crossed training paths over the last few years so maybe we’ll see each other again.

    Groups I ride train with:
    1) Wednesday XX Tecate Mountain Bike Group: 5:00pm start Cheseboro Lower Parking Lot. Top Cat1 and strong Cat 2 MTB riders. Fun and competitive group.
    2) I know quite a number of guys from the Road Colvita Crew out of Simi. I road with Christmas Eve. Fun and Friendly Group. Sundays are their rides.
    3) Assorted friends who like suffering. HA

    I also wanted to pick your brain about the Sespe Wilderness Area. I have a vision to tackle a 2-day, close to 200 miles of MT,B point to point but it’s not legal to ride in this wilderness area.

    This past July I tackled a Dirty Century in the Conejo Valley connecting all of the major trails in the area. I was a perfect day.

    Overall, I am very impressed with your desire to suffer through endurance events.

    Thanks for reading

    Joe Keays

    Funny, I was adventuring on a hybrid ride today through Moorpark and back to TO and we were on the some the same roads today but at different times. HA Small World.

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