Back to Blogging….again

Now that I am back from China and the Hardrock 100 I will try to get back to blogging.  I have been accepted to compete in the Furnace Creek 508.  This is a 508 mile solo bike race across the Mojave Desert in early October.  I have about 10 weeks to get my long distance cycling fitness in order.  This will be a step up from other endurance activities and frankly it scares me.  That a lot of time in the saddle.  On a recent 200 mile ride I got to feel what this will be like.  It was and epic ride where my saddle sores got the best of me.  I will work out these kinks for the 508.

Here are some recent training:

7/25 – Bike Mulholland Loop – 42 miles
7/24 – REST – feeling a little left knee ITB pain… also not sleeping well the past 2 nights
7/23 – Run – Backbone trail, 10 miles west of Kanan Road
7/22 – Bike – Rock Store, Yerba Buean from Mulholland, Stunt Road, 40 miles

7/21 – Bike with Bill, PCH, Latigo Canyon, Mulholland, 70 miles
7/20 – REST,
7/19 – Bike with George, Mulholland Loop, 42 miles
7/18 – Run – Pt Mugu State Park, 10 miles


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